Monday, April 14, 2008

Aloha kakahiaka!

well its been a good month for us, and a month of blog silence (sorry.) Life has been good, we are pretty much in a routine, Steph's job has very long hours and of right now she never gets a day off, but soon she will be done with longs and have a typical 9-5 Mon- Fri. I have been doing good, just working and trying to get freelance graphic work were i can find it.  
Some of the exiting things you may have missed in hilo:
The Merrie Monarch Festival, this pretty much the biggest thing in hilo, 7 days of arts, crafts, music, and most importantly (and for around 5 hours a night) Hula!
here is Wikipedias take : "The Merrie Monarch Festival is dedicated to the memory of King David Kalakaua, known as the Merrie Monarch. King Kalakaua, the second (and last) elected king of Hawai'i, came to the throne in 1874 and reigned until his death in 1891. He was a patron of the arts, especially music and dance. Kalakaua almost single-handedly restored many of the nearly extinct cultural traditions of the Hawaiian people. These included myths and legends, and the hula, which had been forbidden -- due to the influence of Protestant missionaries"

It really looked like a fun event, hopefully next year we can plan out a better time and actually go. (I guess the reason that hula was forbidden was the hole topless thing) 
The other interesting note is i found out about our Big Island Hawaii monk seal, 
I was walking along one of our close black sand beach when i saw a large section was taped off, as a got  a little higher i saw a large blob on the beach and immediately thought that it was some sort of sad animal that had washed up. Thankfully i was wrong, it was non other than our very own monk seal mother. I went over and talked to the volunteer, who incidentally was from Traverse city originally, and she told me that this seal was one of 4 that frequents this island and the other 3 were all her offspring.
For all you sports fans, i'm sure you have been dying to know how the Elevate basket ball team is doing, last night we had a game against New Hope Pride, and let me tell you it was a close close game, but in the end Elevate pulled off the win. This puts us at something like 4 wind to 1 loss or something. But all gears up in two weeks when we have the tournament. (and no i'm not playing)

When thats about all from us, We are exited about coming home  in may (from around the 7th to the 24th or so) hopefully well get to see you all soon....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well, we finaly saw lava yesterday, It was kinda exiting, alitle disapointing, but well worth the trip. They opended it up to the public last weekend but our first chance was on  tuesday, it was a fun time, we went with a couple we met a few weeks ago. It was about a hour and so drive then a 10 minuite walk to get there, we were around allitle less than a mile (complete guess) from the lava, so needless to say the sights wern't to spectacular. but you could see the lava swirling around and steam from the ocean.
In other news Stephs Dr. office moved last week, so it was a busy stressful time, Its looking good at the office, he is gone this week but called her to come in and work on scanning and doing fallow up reports, I've been working as normal we are winding down on the easter season and then thats it till Halloween. In realy exiting news we finaly got a TV!! movies on the big screen definitely on of lifes litle pleasures. i'll leave you with some video of the lava, its about as exiting as the top picture.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Miller trip redux

More pictures soon, tying to re-upload so you can enlarge.....